i'll light a candle for you.

i'll light a candle for you
not many people want actual churchy things in their home. i did, however, and my husband helped me honor my request by allowing me to not onlybuy what i wanted, but to place it in a prominent place in our home.

that thing is my altar candles.

any time anyone needs me to say a prayer for them (and once they find out you are the praying kind, believe me, they ask you without hesitating!) i light a candle for them. for the sake of safety, however, candles are extinguished prior to leaving the house or retiring for the evening. they are lit, however, the next day with an arrow prayer asking God to recall the prayers from the day before and honor them just the same as if they had just been recited.

how cool is that?

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BenedictaJoy said...
So now I see which candle you meant you would light for me. Thank you so much, "Martha."

12/1/2004 06:00:15 PM