in everything, give thanks.

i adore Thanksgiving. it is quite a reflective, pensive time for me. it is up there with Christmas Eve and the entire 40 days of Lent and Easter (love you, Lord). this year, however, i am admittedly struggling with the whole give thanks theme.

i am not one of those "well, gee -- let me recap for you my life as to why i am not feeling so thankful," so i promise not to start now.

i am thankful, however, that i have a devoted husband, three children that help me feel love in profound, mom-type-love ways (2 a.m., thank you Jesus that he wakes me up), a quasi-successful business (won't mention leaving college for it though, that wouldn't be fair), and our physical health (notice i failed to mention mental...) i have grown closer to God, but still realize i am truly far off from His reaches.

i am heavy of heart, but really am striving to be thankful of heart. i am heading off to Mass wherein my hub and i are "extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist" this evening at the Thanksgiving vigil. if that doesn't help me out of my funk, i dunno what will.


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