o brother, where art thou?

i am a bit nervous as i've invited my oldest younger brother, who is brilliant and dashing (of course) over here to my blog. it's not that he doesn't *know me* know me, he does - to an extent. i think he can remember that i enjoyed writing in high school...he did as well. however, he had the opportunity to further his education at yale university (just a little ole school up at new haven) while i am still attempting to further my education, 23 years post graduation from high school. no bitterness, though - only pride i feel for him. he is amazing and quite elevated in my mind as one of my first-ever heroes. (if you are here bro, say hi...it's easy. click on comment, keep yourself anonymous. it's all good...)

brother #2 of the two like-aged bros called me tonight just to talk. that NEVER happens. EVER. he is seemingly pretty frustrated with mom (who lives at home with him, his wife and child) and needed to vent. methinks he needs a little tranquilizer of sorts or a shut-off switch when he starts to go for her jugular. i mean, come on - it's your mother... he was actually pretty okay by the time we hung up.

and i was actually very very thankful he called me. we talked a bit about our childhood and what i thought we tried to protect them (younger bros) from as far as the addictive dysfunction that was our household. however, he remembered more than i gave him credit for, which has me a bit taken aback. things aren't always as they seem.

i miss my family. i miss the closeness we once had when we were growing up, tightly knit together, even if only huddled occasionally behind the bedroom door, listening to the verbal lashings and goings on on the other side, whispering encouragement and holding hands.

there is nothing like a brother. nothing.

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