rebel without a cause.

my son, my middle child. blonde, blue-eyed. shy. very, very shy. so sweet, funny, great dancer, loves sports and video games and God. he's okay in my book.

wanted to dye his hair black. no, doesn't embrace the "gothic" experience, just wants to be different, find his own way. yep, this is the same kid who, two years ago, shaved his head bald in support of children's cancer research (st. baldrix). you want black hair bud? you got it.

i donned on gloves this afternoon and after 25 minutes and a good rinse, vi-oh-lay: my Middle Son with Black Hair.

no cause -- no need.

he's okay and knows that it grows out (said the Mom who sported half of her head shaved at one point and wore NOTHING but black, tyvm...)

with funky lighting and striking a pose, i present to you max:


Steve Bogner said...

That's a very cool thing to do for your son! We take a similar approach with our boys (9 & almost 11). Self-expression like this is good for them; if we don't let them do it now, they might bottle it up and it will blast out of them later, when such self-expression could be much more damaging.

~m2~ said...

thank you!

today was his first day back to school with the new "do." unadmittedly, very nervous and wanted to know if i could take him in late, he had a "stomach ache." i said, "max, you wanted this color. get dressed, off to the bus with ye."

he sighed, put his hoodie on (never EVER wears it up) and out the door he went.

as i sat here, grinning because i knew every single butterfly he felt.

Michelle said...

My son knows that if he goes for blue/red hair and multiple piercings, then I get to shave my head and get a belly ring. That, for now, seems to have put him off the idea! :) But the teen years are still ahead, so we'll see....