st. teresa of avila

One of the most famous stories from Teresa's life takes place when she is 65. She is travelling in the winter and bad weather has washed out and flooded the road. Teresa, elderly and infirm, leaves the carriage and hitching up her skirts, starts to wade through the icy water. Halfway across the water she sees Christ standing on the far bank. Smiling at her he says, "Don't worry Teresa, this is how I treat all my friends." Smiling, Teresa replies, "Ah! My Lord, no wonder you have so few." When she gets to the far bank, Christ has gone and she is warm and dry.

am starting to think (dare i say it??) i am a friend of Jesus'. don't honestly know if that makes me feel good or what on a day like today. am on "overwhelmed," emerging therefrom is difficult.

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