the gloves are off.

Oldest Son just called me, beside himself. seems he just found out that Former Girlfriend has locked lips, yes folks - "hooked up," as it were - with another dude. it is so heart-wrenching to see Oldest Son wade through all of this heartache. it causes this mom great pain to hear his strong voice crack on the other end of the phone...question if it was his fault, his wanting to be pure for this what pushed her away? i said i believed that her true colors have now come out and instead of lying to him and to me the other night at the restaurant, "oh, i just don't want a boyfriend," which perhaps she wasn't lying, perhaps she what it was she meant to say was "i just don't want a boyfriend who desires to save himself for marriage." oohhhh,okay. i understand (not). she simply forgot to add the last part, i suppose.

the other night, i hugged.
tonight, i fear i would have slugged.

enough already. now she's gone and pissed off the churchlady. instead of taking it first to my Lord and my God, i thought i'd blog for a minute to catch my breath, and will now go out onto the couch and pray prior to his arrival home from work in approximately one hour.

*sigh* and you think it gets easier when they get older.



Anonymous said...

Hey, it's me. YR.

I was thinking about DS's girlfriend. You may be right on as to her motives for breaking up. But, we have learned from "Every Womans Battle" that she could have had the desire to stay virgin. But, for some unknown reason, gave into her desires. Who knows. Maybe she was seeking acceptance. Maybe anything. Her head may not be on straight right now either. Rebound in a huge way.

Perhaps help DS to see that if she was intent on exploring this before marriage, she didn't push him to fall also. She didn't want to bring him down. Or hurt him. Sometimes we walk into sin knowing full well we may be sorry. Maybe she didn't want to take him with her.

Heart ya. :>)

~m2~ said...

i understand what you are saying, however, i lack so much in the sleep department right now for it to make too much sense. i only have one side of the conversations coming at me from 10:00 p.m. to 1:45 a.m. this morning...i am sure she had her reasons, i just wish she hadn't led him astray as to what the truth behind the reasons were.

i also wish he hadn't asked her such pointed questions. i told him flat out today that now he knows, that nothing is going to change what he knows as truth and that it is time for him to move forward. i also told him what she does, as difficult as it is to grasp, is none of his business.

he also has his other battles raging right now, too, and they are making his "down time" all the more difficult. kid needs prayer.

(((yr))) thank you for stopping by to see me :) love ya.