thanksgiving - "pre-emptive Christmas" holiday?

it may just be me, but i think it is totally whack that Christmas things are out and displayed and i am seeing commercials for Christmas and i already bought Christmas cards (*on sale at borders, thank you, couldn't pass it up...*), but let us not digress.

doesn't anyone enjoy Thanksgiving for the holiday in and of itself? i ADORE Thanksgiving and it is one of my favorite meals to overcook, have my family gathered around my table, holding hands at Grace and reciting our "10 most thankfuls" list, year after year.

on the outside chance my readers here are focusing on the Christmas holiday, i wanted to share a very retro (written in the 1950s) poem my bible study teacher gave us last meeting - it's by lawrence ferlinghetti. it is quite cool and quite convicting at the same time...simply click on my title link and it will take you there.

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