i had big expectations about furthering my education this year. my ultimate goal? to be a labor and delivery room nurse (see my prayer blog for recent addition regarding my baby throb). however, it was not to be this time around since business was suffering and a Not To Be Named person who, as the Great Influence over our lives, suggested i be at the cafe FULL TIME (emphasis not really added since i cannot begin to emphasize enough how emphatic the "suggestion" was at the time). after said suggestion, i subsequently withdrew. now i am having withdrawals.

i withdrew from the algebra class i fought so hard to get into (and was acing, if you'd care to know) and my english comp 101 class (which professor informed me i could, one day, be published, but again i digress...) this was the most difficult decision i had to make and one i made without consulting with the Husband, because i knew he would protesteth too much.

he continues to protesteth too much.

do i regret doing it? you bet.

should i have done it? you bet. however, i am the recipient of an invoice from the business office stating that gee, we are so sorry you withdrew. please pay $560 within 10 days.

uh, no. blood from stone image comes into my head. note to self: call college on monday to barter.

now i am also faced with the spring semester and have another 8 days before i register for classes if i am registering at all, in order to obtain the pick of the litter. Husband feels i should, at least for one class (eng comp 101, remastered?). i have it before the Throne of Grace and if His Emminence says "go for it, girl," i am so there.

if not, i will learn how to wait, without expectation.

or so i say.

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