wounded healers

would i really be able to worship a god who was simply implacable power, and who was invulnerable? if i am hurt, i don’t turn for strength and help to someone who has never been hurt, but to someone who has, and who can therefore understand a little of what i am going through. the people i know who are the most invulnerable also tend to show the least compassion.

the kind of person i turn to is someone who has been strong enough to face pain when it comes – and it does come. someone who faces it, endures it, and tries as hard as possible to go through it and come out on the other side. someone whose urge for health is strong enough to hold on to wholeness even in the midst of suffering. and someone who manages to retain a senae of humour, who has the gift of laughter.

as these are the qualities i look for in another human being when i am in need of healing, so these are the qualities i look for in God.

madeleine l’engel

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Jenny said...

Beautiful and something to hold onto and remember.