Attack on U.S. base in Iraq leaves 20 dead

i find this very, very disturbing.

i've been quiet with my opinions on the war effort - of course, supporting the troops while they are deployed, i have adopted a soldier who i am very faithful in corresponding with, but i am really having a difficult time swallowing stories like this as they unfold before me. now some of the customers that i fed while in high school are old enough to serve in the military and one, while eating his soup with us today, informed me he's going to iraq on february 14th, like he was going on vacation. he's all of 19 or 20. he's a baby.

please pray with me for an end to this, and soon.


C. Fish said...

Oh I am praying so hard that we bring them home soon. This is just awful. I have friends who have family there, and in June my brother is scheduled to go over there as well... my mother is beside herself in fear.

~m2~ said...

fish, i almost want to start asking the question: please remind me why we are there, exactly?

i am starting to lose focus on that. it's hitting closer to home for me, i guess, since some of *my* customers are going overseas now. they are simply too young and need to stay at my counter eating soup, drinking milkshakes and talking sports or local gossip.