The Five People You Meet in Heaven

just wondering if anybody's read this and what your thoughts are?


Anonymous said...

I saw the movie, or parts of it anyway. I thought it was a nice fantasy, but I'm not sure of its basis in truth; I'm a Christian, and I know the Bible says we get new bodies and all that. That didn't happen in the movie.

And I think the overall message was kinda dangerous for me: that if you do good all your life you go to heaven and are forgiven for your misdeeds. I believe that only faith in Jesus' ability to save you sends you to be with Him at the end of your life.

But that's just me.

Julie M. said...

I read the book and just loved it. Because I loved it so much, I wouldn't watch the movie because I thought it would ruin it for me.

Rebecca said...

I saw the movie and cried multiple times, which means I liked it a lot - I was worried it would be sentimental, Hallmark Movie of the Week sap, but it wasn't. I want to read the book now. It may rankle some Christians who take a more literal view of things, but from my newbie Catholic perspective I think it does an admirable job of showing us what heaven could be like. It does an even better job of reminding us to measure our time here on earth carefully, and to not fall into despondency when we thing we are having little to no impact on others around us. Each person's kindness is more far-reaching than any of us could imagine. That's what I got from the movie, so I can't wait to see what I'll get from the book :)

C. Fish said...

My best friend highly recommended it to me... it's on my 'To Read' List.

Julie D. said...

Just like Julie M. ... read it, loved it and then wouldn't watch the movie because it would have ruined it for me.

Without ruining the book I can't tell you about what I think it is REALLY about but it then becomes pretty Catholic ... when you've read it then I'll tell you and we can have a good "chat".

Annabel said...

I read it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommend it. Have some kleenex handy though.

~m2~ said...

sooo.....survey says: put on books to buy list. i just got "this house of brede" which came recommended by julie d. in the mail this week, pluse two books on journaling (loose ends and journaling from the heart by eldonna bouton, who i also *met* through blogging) which should make my sentences more concise, my thoughts, more precise, my overall readability, thumbs-up.

or not.

or i may just read the book i've asked for reviews on. i find myself immersed in books that are either extremely insightful or instructional on matters of the faith or spirituality and don't really have time for "novels."

God, do i sound like a snob or what? **gag**

Julie D. said...

martha, martha ... I couldn't live if I didn't have a fun book or two to balance out the serious ones. Although I don't count In this House of Brede as a "fun" book it is absorbing fiction and an interesting "mystery". For "fun" ... have you read the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich? You won't quit laughing I promise. They start with "One for the Money."

Grant said...

Great book. Had no idea it was a film. Guess it will show up in the middle of the night here in about 5 years time.

Grant :-)

~m2~ said...

my dear julie - are you saying i am much too serious?

pshaw. i am so not serious.

(all the time, anyway - i was voted class clown my senior year in high school, which fact was debuted in the now infamous death meme...)

maybe that is what my life is lacking in, odd as it is to admit - levity. i blog for release, read other blogs for levity - and grant, i shall be checking in on you now, my kind sir, since you say you are a comedian from scotland in your profile. i was just informed in need to lighten up, to which i reply *truer words were never spoken.*

(nothing happens by coincidence, i am now certain of it!)

Julie D. said...

Hey, I don't know you well enough to say that you're too serious! :-)

I'm saying that I always need that light stuff to offset the serious stuff. Also, I gave my best friend some light reading for her birthday this summer and she was delighted out of all proportion when she read them ... she realized that she'd been reading so many deep and spiritual books that she needed that levity ... so guess what she got for Christmas? More no-brainers!

Annabel said...

I bought myself Eldonna's two books as well. That was my Christmas present to myself. Now it's a matter of finding the time to read them and do some writing!
Hope you enjoy The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I got it for my sister for Christmas.