did i mention i started my diet last friday?

call me crazy around the holidays, but i like to do things a little differently. i decided it would be best for me to begin my diet before Christmas so i'd have a grip on things for a good two weeks prior to everyone else's diet mania setting in on january 2nd.

so i joined weight watchers.

for the fourth time.

and i was just in the nick of time, shall we say?

i just had a shitake, portobella, and button mushroom & parmesan cheese omelette and a banana smoothie. so far, does it sound like i am dieting? and i am uncertain about lunch, but am taking a sunburst tangerine for my snack at work.

please Lord. keep me from the cookies my servers make and bring in to share. amen.


Julie D. said...

Oh my gosh ... is this a penance or something? You work in a restaurant, the holidays are coming and you GO ON A DIET? We're a lot alike but not THAT much alike ... sounds too hard! :-)

Essy said...

I'm with you...I needed to get a handle on my eating also. But instead of dieting I'm going to just wait for hunger(to stop emotional eating which is my worst problem) and then not eat beyond full...and offer the times when I want to eat just because, up in prayer.

Anyway, I just started reading your blog and really like it and wanted to encourage you. Have a blessed day.

~m2~ said...

ladies, i hate to say i ate a rochet (however it is spelled, it certainly wasn't worth it) and a biscotti (dark chocolate dipped, thank you very much) after rcia tonight. HOWEVER: i am alloted 35 extra points for *whatever* and this is how i chose to spend my whatever points.

i hope.

i will eat clean tomorrow and get weighed on friday and all will be well with my soul because i truly ate so much better this week, nyc included.

essy! it's so nice to meet you - i ventured over to your blog and started reading your personal journey. i think you and i will get along just fine. i'll pour you a cup of tea for our next visit, you can sit next to julie :)

Essy said...

Thank you for visiting me at my home...LOL. I'm new to this blogging stuff, but I think I like it. Looking forward to getting to know you better.