midtown manhattan

what a pulse. what a vibe. omg, are my dogs tired :)

so much to talk about, what we saw, where we went. one thing i truly learned about myself? i know nothing about stress. if you need to learn about stress in 3 hours, walk midtown at lunchtime - so many people, so many places to go, things to do, see, and be back at work in 1/2 hour. listening to snippets of conversations on cell phones, nannies with children in tow, how many tourists can fit in one elevator? what the heck is a sephora? (the biggest make-up and perfumery i have ever had the pleasure of being in, tyvm) and are you kidding me? St. Patrick's Cathedral, and i can go in??? ** sigh ** disconcerting, one would think, presiding over Mass while the masses roam about in the back of the church talking as if Mass has ended and they failed to understand the words "go in peace."

how did i come away from a day trip that had us six hours in the car, total?

  • what a place.
  • i have no stress.
  • it was a good day.

now for the photo ops:

miss molly, a bit disappointed that rockefeller center wasn't "all that" as she had envisioned it to be:

a big ole chocolate store, thats insides weren't nearly what i envisioned them to be:

st. patrick's cathedral, is God anything close to what i envision Him to be?


Rebecca said...

Beautiful photo of the Cathedral. I hope I get to see that one day, it might as well be on the other side of the world though. Glad you're home safe and sound and that you had a good day, tired feet and all!

Kalanna said...

Oh, penni... Mecandes and I have stood in front of that exact cathedral! We loved St. Patrick's and loved New York City. I can't wait to go back someday. So glad you had a good trip. :)

Julie D. said...

Sounds like you had a blast blasting through The City! I'd love to see St. Pat's someday. It sounds like the same environment as inside of Notre Dame with people milling everywhere and you wonder how they can even hear themselves say the words of the Mass.

~m2~ said...

you know, i served as Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist for the blessing of the sea mass in atlantic city this year (can i insert here that i still cannot believe i am even worthy enough to stand up and take communion, let alone give it out?!) and we were set up in stations because 2000 people attended; it was held in our AA hockey arena.

anyway, i walked back to my station, which was next to the prayer candles people were encouraged to pay $2 to say a prayer, light a candle, then come and get it after mass, but after receiving communion, some people started to go about their business as if it were any other day! i was so appalled, mortified, petrified...i was still holding my chalice and a couple almost bumped into me because they were discussing what casino they were going to be going to next...

i took the chalice to where they were purifying the vessels and saw the priest who is a friend of mine who is also the administrator to Bishop Galante - i said "Fr. Pete! i cannot believe what is going on!! i am beside myself..." and walked away.

i spoke with him about a month later and we discussed it and he said "penni, you have to know something: He puts Himself into our hands every day; there is nothing we can do to injure Him again. He's already borne it for us."

that really gave me a huge dose of perspective; however, i am still offended when people act as though nothing important is going on when something indeed supernatural is happening and they are such a huge part of it! i wanted to tell everyone to just hush because mass was being held up at the altar - i didn't even dare venture past the back of the church because of the situation, i was mortified.

i can only hope to see it on another day when it is a bit calmer. however, isn't that just like me? not wanting to share my Lord?

*sigh* baby steps, all the time.

roadharley2 said...

Penni, glad u had a good time. That is so sad that people show that much lack of respect.....