go big or go home

*spin on rev 3:15 via veronica*

today's the big day, folks. red? dark blonde? new cut? dunno. appointment is at high noon.

however, i already went for the ritual eyebrow waxing and have one thing to say about that: i don't care who you are or how strong you think you are or how much you brace yourself for the pain: having your eyebrows waxed can escort you to a new level of prayer.

talk amongst yourselves.


Julie M. said...

Ah, yes. Eyebrow waxing. I've found that it doesn't hurt as much between the brows as it does just under them closer to the eyes. Yikes! I usually only get it done periodically for the shape, then I pluck the rest of the time.

We'll need pictures of the new 'do when you get back. - Julie M.

Julie D. said...

*shudder* This makes me glad I've never had waxing done ... and gave up plucking a long time ago.

veronica said...

On my way to the hospital, about to deliver baby #2, I stopped and had by brows waxed. Vanity, O' Vanity. I honestly could not tell which hurt worse, the contractions or the waxing!!

~m2~ said...

i'd say they are on level ground regarding pain.

when i went back to the hairdresser, i noticed she overplucked my left and my right is longer on the side. insert :eek: smiley here.

good thing i have light brows and you can't really notice, although...i know it's uneven. does this call for *horror of horrors* and EYEBROW PENCIL?

insert :fainting: smiley here.