prayer request...ccd tangent

hi kids.

prayers, please for

1. my max. his asthma is "extremely exacerbated" and he is being "treated aggressively." the one med they put him on makes him shake for a bit but his coughing subsides. even with my rx plan i paid over $180 in medicine co-pays today.

2. my molly - twisted her knee coming out of church yesterday and while she can put pressure on it to walk, cannot negotiate stairs. she has an appt. with the ortho today at 4:00.

3. me. it's always about me innit? anyway, my religious ed students are VERRRRY SASSY this year and i thought the three sassiest gals could teach tonight, but i am a taker-backer and will teach class myself because (a) i think it will turn into a mock mrs. d session and i don't have the fortitude for that and (b) it will be a mock the three sassy girls session and that is not what i am all about.

instead? we are doing a lesson in advent: one is making room - to make room for something new, you need to get rid of other things (man, almost like a flylady moment, eh?) so i am going to have them create an advent "arrow prayer" for them to say frequently during the coming weeks, thereby reminding themselves to keep open a special place for Jesus. also, a Scripture study that provide many guides for following the "right path" so we will go over them and reflect.

also, we are teaming up with two second-grade classes (they receive the sacraments of reconciliation and first holy communion this year) as prayer partners. i will spend tonight pairing up my young adults with their second grade counterparts, have them introduce themselves by way of Christmas cards with little notecards on the inside that say *you're a blessing* and we are going to make really cool snowflakes to decorate our room with out of a cool snowflake template i found here.

whaddya think?


Null said...

Will pray for you and yours.

My 6 year old boy has asthma pretty bad.. we had a real quiet spell with it but it kicked back up with the weird weather patterns and he's now on a daily management plan, plus other meds, plus has to have medicalert in case of emergencies and we're not there. It's rough.

Janet said...

I've been trying to post a comment for a couple of days, but blogger (or maybe it's me) has been whacky.

What grade CCD are you teaching? I have sixth graders and it can be very hectic. The first couple of classes left me with a headache. I have come to enjoy the class and love the kids for their individual quirks. Interestingly, it's a couple of the boys that are sassy...the girls are generally quiet and giggly. I will pray for you and your class as I pray for me and mine.

~m2~ said...

janet, thank you for your thoughts - i've had blogger troubles for a few days now and when i tried to comment to you earlier, it wouldn't let me. danged technology.

i teach 8th grade confirmandi. every year, my class starts out the same way, leaves me feeling discouraged, frustrated, aggravated, then something happens. we start clicking, they start *getting it* and then by confirmation, i am a puddle and can't wait until the following year. next year, however, i may not teach as i'll be in school for addictions counseling - it's up to the Lord how many nights a week He wants me out at night away from my family :)

do you have trouble finding resources or coming up with ideas to keep them interested? this class i am finding is very right-side-of-the-brain - they love a good craft project or something creative. i think i have finally found what makes them tick and even though we are entering the 3rd week of advent, we may be making wreaths this week.

i promise to pray for you, in fact, will go light a candle right now before my short-term memory kicks in that i promised something and can't remember what it is :)

peace be with you.

Janet said...

We are using the Blest Are We curriculum which I don't really like. They try to link real life/modern day stuff to each lesson and I often don't get the link myself. We are doing faith history, Old Testament-style this year so we are learning a lot about Jewish religious practices. I have 11 boys and 3 girls and my sense is that crafts will not really fly (nor will singing!). They seem to like puzzles and quizzes, and so I'm finding resources online for this. Films are a huge hit, and I found one at Netflix on the story of Abraham that has been really compelling to the kids (I showed 20 minute bits each week for 4 weeks as we progressed through Genesis). Our parish also has a small video library and I screened a short film about Edith Stein as part of a lesson.

Your confirmandi are 8th graders? Our process starts in 9th grade and finishes in 10th. I thought this would be universal for the US, but I guess not.