closer to God

new life

as i was sitting in the breakfast shop with my husband, i couldn't help but overhear the lady across the way, making phone call after phone call, excitedly telling the person on the other end of the line about her newest (*out of three*) grandchild, savana (*one n, no h*) hope. i can tell you she weighed just a bit over 8 pounds, was 21.5 inches in length and has gorgeous skin. and also, "just because she is our third grandbaby, it doesn't make it anything less than miraculous."

i felt closer to God just hearing her speak so excitedly. and her husband was equally as excited (but a little more tired since they'd "been up since 2:30 and the baby was born at 6:01 a.m.") i am not one to butt into conversations i overhear, but before we left, i offered my congratulations and said i also believe babies are miraculous and blessings sent from God. then i did something i never do unless somebody sneezes: i said "God bless" and left.

near death

on my way to work, i had the radio on awfully loud for a churchlady (hey, it was smashing pumpkins 1979 - who wouldn't understand that?) and it was pulling to a stop at the intersection where i saw across the way an emt/ambulance coming toward me, full speed, lights flashing, sirens blaring (ever over billy corgan's whine, yes). as any good driver's ed student would do, i saw *ambulance light* and *pulled right*. to my extreme mortification, the cars continued through the cross street of the intersection, completely oblivious to the ambulance tearing up the road. i sat and watched as the emt drew right up to the intersection and slammed on its breaks, just before it would have totally broadsided the blue car that was careening through the intersection. i actually covered my eyes with both hands as i didn't want to see the destruction, and really thought the car had great potential of landing on my roof if it had been hit. as the emt's passed to my left, they appeared to be smiling, very wryly. how often does that happen, that people are so unaware of their surroundings they don't pull over or at least slow down to see where the sirens are coming from? i don't care where i am going at the time, whereever the ambulance is going is waaay more important. not only do i stop, i normally bless the person they are on their way to rescue, be it as a transport to the hospital or otherwise.

then i thought about the blue car. i am wondering if as a result of that *near miss* if they feel closer to God today and thanked Him for sparing their lives?

i know i would have a deeper prayer life as a result.

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