confirmation presentation...

...tonight at rcia. i'm excited in that i asked our Monsignor after mass this morning if i could *borrow* some of the chrism used in anointing the foreheads of the confirmandi for a "show & smell" (i love the way the oil's just so holy!) not only did he give me the "oil of consecration," but also the "oil of the infirm" and "oil for catechumens", meaning miss penni has all the oils the church uses in her house right now!!!

oh my gosh, you could have knocked me over.

he said "treat it as you would a Host" and "don't take the lids off anything other than the oil for confirmation..."

who almost spilled it in the car? (you REALLY could have knocked me over then!!!)

pray for me in my travels back to church tonight and that i present this in a clear, understanding manner, and that these precious oils make it back to their home safely.... thanks :)


Julie D. said...

Boy, oh boy, does he TRUST you! Very cool! :-)

veronica said...

When Spikey was baptized, and annointed with the oil, I didn't want to wash him! He smelled so sweet-n-holy!!!

Skip James said...

Messiah means anointed one.
Definition. Messiah is the transliteration of a Hebrew term, Mashiach. The New Testament (Greek) equivalent is Christos. Both terms mean "the anointed one." The verb mashach, found about 140 times in the Old Testament, means "to smear, anoint, or spread."

Implications. The anointing meant that someone was authorized to serve God in a position of honor and responsibility. Divine enablement often accompanied the anointing. While many were anointed, only One was given the title of "the Anointed One."