meme of shame

was visiting my friend janet at paper moon and thought, gee, it's been a while since i participated in a meme, so here we go.

1. One song you are hesitant to admit you love (in real life, that is): ice ice baby. hey, come on - he took the melody from a david bowie song - i know it was bad, but it reminded me of bowie. really.

2. One movie you are hesitant to admit you really enjoyed: janet said wayne's world, and i am a huge mike myers fan, so even before knowing that? i'd have to say the austin powers movies. all of them. my favorite character is dr. evil. (go figure)

3. One TV show you're hesitant to admit you watch: again, i am with janet on this one: dr. phil. he can be annoying at times, but mostly i don't even find him annoying any more. he's pretty direct and sensible. it's sincerely lacking these days.

4. One magazine you read but wouldn't particularly want people to see you buy: martha stewart living. okay, i am not ashamed to say it: FREE MARTHA!! although i canceled my subscription prior to the whole insider trading thing because there were too many ads, and the one mag i bought after she was jailed had too many k-mart ads and that was about it.

5. One food you probably shouldn't eat, but it's so darn good: chicken wings and bleu cheese dressing. 'nuff said.

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