coming out of the closet

the workout closet, that is. i feel the need to *out* myself.

i have posted a couple questions lately and have gotten some amazing responses - i am in awe of those of you who say you want to exercise. in fact, most insightful kalanna just posted a thread on this very subject. truth be told? i would love to exercise...if it didn't involve sweating.

i know i *need* to exercise and would be willing to - actually there are folks who make it almost look fun - but then that sweat thing happens.

it's not that pretty perspiration that makes you feel healthy and all glowy. oh, no. nothing feminine about a drenching. plus let's add the irish skin tone and you have someone who's not only sweaty, but RED RED RED in the face - in fact, in my profile piccie? i wasn't sweating but drinking wine. one glass goes to the cheeks. by the third, whooodawgs. i could never be a drinker, it would show too much.


any suggestions? i can't put an antiperspirant on my face. i mean seriously - i play one round of hoops with my kids and they are questioning the need for an ambulance because my face is so red it looks like i may pass away.

i really *outed* myself here.

this is good. the first step is acknowledging you have a problem...

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