napoleon dynamite

rarely has a movie solicited more repeating of dialogue found within around my household than napoleon dynamite. the main character is an underachieving high school student that is quirky in the very least and hilarious at best. the movie is exceedingly dry and you may actually sit through it thinking "what the heck is this about?" but there is no foul language, nudity, violence (other than napoleon being shoved into an occasional locker). my family gives it two thumbs up.


i think it is charming to a degree because we've all known a napoleon (or been one) at some point in our lives: they march to a different drummer, have their own sense of *style*, don't care what other people think, have actually pretty high self-esteem, don't compare themselves with others. how bad can someone like that be?

at mass today, the priest was discussing how we compare ourselves to others and seek the approval of others most of our lives. i had insomnia again and had the chance to find another blogger with whom i felt a connection, especially in her thoughts about blogging - alexa at domestic excellence -
I think a big part of it is that I want to be liked and I want everyone to like me. And I get upset that I am upset when I feel ignored and I get upset that I get upset when someone is nasty to me or when someone snubs me.

Like I should care?

Hey. I do care.

I'm a real person here. I have real feelings and I can't even begin to imagine being the sort of person who leaves mean comments on other people's someone did to Elena at "My Domestic Church". Geesh! What sort of creep would post such mean things?

I guess I'll never understand why people like to spend time making up computer viruses just to destroy people's computers either.

Or why people like to hurt people in general.

It's something I'll never understand.

i'm right there with you, alexa. i felt silence resounding when i posted to certain message boards, like people didn't understand, didn't want to understand, didn't want to comment because they think i am a religious fanatic or whatever. i am a pretty strong person, but there are times you want to feel as though you have a voice (and it matters) and you actually really do matter.

at the conclusion of his homily, fr. said we have the tendency to hear our neighbor's voices more than we hear God's. we tend to care more about what other people say, their opinions, and tune less into God's voice. i don't want that to be me, ever, but also feel that God can really speak to me through another person's words of encouragement or even, loving criticism.

for all the napoleon dynamites in the world and for those who march to their own drum in the world o' blog: i am glad you are here and am certainly happy to be counted amongst your ranks.

flippin' sweet!


Analogy said...

"Or why people like to hurt people in general.
It's something I'll never understand."
True people of God, are not able to comprehend really the true Evil of Satan maybe? There should be more people like you out there. Those that can not comprehend evil are less likely to commit it.

Janet said...

I had a lot of "Napoleon-friends" in high school...maybe I was one too, I'm not sure. But the movie really resonated with me and in reflecting on my teen years, I think there was something about people who walk to the beat of some completely different drum that was very appealing. Still is.

Loved your post.

Philothea Rose said...

The first time I watched ND, I sat there with my mouth open and my face in an expression that said, "Huh?" I watched it again and grew to appreciate it. I haven't seen it a third time because then I will be the one quoting all the lines..."Idiot!" Oops.

Martha, will you play tether-ball with me?