owning your own business

can totally suck *at times*, especially if you are truly very ill with bronchitis, sinus infection and an asthma flare-up and haven't slept in days (see blog posts wherein it was 3:00 a.m. should you need proof). i was so looking forward to friday because i would allow myself to be sick. not so.

my one server hurt her back yesterday, but said she'd be in today. husband called her out at 6:30 a.m. two back-up servers failed to answer the phone (damn you, caller i.d.!!) and guess who had to go in and wait tables?

*cough, cough* me.

being the owner and all, i said to my husband "you really want me to go to mass prior to coming in because if i don't, it is not going to be pretty." my attitude was more like a bad-itude and it really was much better after mass attendance (well, a little).

we got slammed.
all day.

so i got winked at, a two-top left me a $17 tip. my customers were sympathetic which made for good conversation, and it was not all bad, really. i just didn't get to vege out and have my hair *did* so i will not be beauteous for an additional week. i need to seek being more godly and worry less about vanity and dark roots, mixed with **gulp** grey *egads*.

(where is that proverbial wife scripture found?)

this simply rounded out the week of the disgruntled server, the reconcilation of the bank account yesterday which unearthed a double entry of a $3800.00 deposit, which deposit was spent earlier in the week, tyvm. i was beside myself but relied on my faithful God to get me through and miraculously, wherein i had made the double deposit (mistakenly), i also added a few electronic funds transfers more than once, as well. it certainly didn't make up for the deposit, but we were able to cover ourselves and our payroll. i serve an awesome God.

and how was your day??


david said...

what's on the menu at the cafe . . .???

~m2~ said...

we are strictly breakfast & lunch, catering.

open seven days a week, weather permitting (like this ginormous storm we are supposed to get starting tomorrow...)

we've been open over 5 years.

if you are super nice to me, perhaps i'll post a link to my website.

Steve Bogner said...

I've owned my own business for 9 years now - and yes, sometimes it does suck big-time. And sometimes it is just wonderful. I don't need to ride roller coasters - I only have to look at my cash flow to get the same experience.

~m2~ said...

steve when i think about working for the type-a attorney i had worked for for 9 years and how stressful that job was, this is equally as stressful, but for different reasons.

i can't explain it, but i can say that i hate it when people treat you differently once they know you are the owner. i am just as important *just* being your waitress, trust me.

if you'd care to look at my cash flow this week, along with the reconciliation report for my operating account, i'd perhaps be able to give you the ride of your life. sometimes i feel as though i am not strapped in and the lift gate isn't secure.

which is also why i am a daily Communicant. i need to have the protection, lest i tumble out on the back loop.

Julie D. said...

Please DO NOT mention cash flow ... we've been in business for 17 years and I would prefer the carousel on that subject (rarely get it though!).

We always remember the sage advice we got when beginning our business. The great thing about having your own business is that you only have to work half a day ... and you get to pick which 12 hours.

Although sometimes there are days when 12 hours would look like a picnic. For all the griping I have to agree that having your own business is SO worth it!