again, in an attempt to clean my home and rid it of unwanted, unnecessary *stuff*, i bumped my head on a beam in my attic and yelled at the Father Almighty for allowing it to happen, yet again. so hard that my son said to me, "ma, you took God's name in vain!" i said "i was talking to Him already and He bummed me out."

i never question why anything happens to me; i tend to sit back and wait for the bigger picture. i often think "okay Lord - You have my attention - what can i do for you" on most occasions.

but when i bump my head or do something equally as stupid, i tend to question Him, big time, for allowing it to happen.

i guess my perspective should be one of gratitude in that i haven't been knocked out cold. but man, i would almost prefer it to the instant tears streaming down my face and the ability to hear the blood flowing through my ears, the throbbing is so extreme.

and did i mention the goose-egg lump that arose from my noggin just like a cartoon?


Julie D. said...

Of course you know you're in good company ... everyone's favorite St. Teresa of Avila story is strikingly similar: she gets dumped in the mud while traveling and God tells her, "That is how I treat my friends." She replies, "No wonder you have so few of them." (Generously paraphrased.) :-)

~m2~ said...

julie, that is one of my favorite stories of the feisty little saint.

thank you for reminding me of the parallel - however, He didn't respond with anything witty. just a reminder to "slow down..."

C. Fish said...

I hope your head feels better!
At least your bump didn't hurt your sense of humour :).

david said...