what a difference a month makes...

clicking on the link in my title (above) will allow you a brief glimpse of the thread i posted about my 8th grade religious education class. as a quick reminder, i was simply at a loss and ready to hand in my resignation, it had gotten so bad. when i converted to haloscan, i lost the comments that my wise and sage friends had given me at the time. if my memory serves me correctly, i believe it ranged from praying (hard) prior to class to really devoting attention to the two girls who gave me the most difficult time because they seemingly needed reaching out to. you guys could not have been more *right on*.

what a turn around (insert *choir of angels* music here...) i wanted to post about it last week, but gave it two weeks to make sure i didn't dream it. the trip to the rescue mission had such an impact on not only those who went, but on those who didn't because they really felt like they missed out and they want me to schedule another trip. one of the girls who had given me such a difficult time now sits up by me i give her duties from passing out papers to erasing the boards (simple, yet effective). i make everyone settle down when she talks so she feels as though she has ample opportunity to contribute to our discussions. it has been two weeks and as sad and disheartened as i was last month when i posted, i am thanking and praising God for these children because they are teaching me lessons in humility at the same time. and every week, i tell them that they are "...precious in (God's) eyes and glorious, and because (He) love(s) you (them)." Isaiah 43:4, paraphrased

as do i because they are. i serve an awesome God.

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