friendship - rhetorical question of the weekend

People Listening to Music in a Camp

Photographer: Paul Viant & Carrie Beecroft

A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure... Sirach 6:14


i met a blogging friend on wednesday. he was in the state on business and he came to have dinner with me and my family (molly was unavailable as she was away on vacation, can you imagine?) we had a wonderful evening, filled with wine, samuel adams summer ale, amazing foodstuffs, plenty of conversation and lots of laughter. it was one of the warmest, most wonderful times in recent memory that i can recall in having company for dinner. my family also adored him, which is great because i think of him as a brother.

friends, as i have discussed before, are difficult to come by - making friends with the opposite sex is even more difficult to maintain as there is always a level of sexuality (assumingly) that enters into it -- but does it have to be that way? can we, as mature, thinking, rational adults - have friends that are of the opposite sex without it turning into a game of cat & mouse replete with sexual overtones and innuendo?
can it remain platonic?

is it healthy for a relationship (married) for your spouses to have friends of the opposite sex?

your thoughts, while still being moderated, are most welcome :)

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