a case of hysteria, part 2

my son max is involved with a rock band called "a case of hysteria," which band i wrote about back in june of this year.

last night, we had a meeting at our home of the band members, their parents, and the d.j. from the radio program i had mentioned in my previous post who wants to act as their "developer" - groomer? mentor? help them polish their live show and get them gigs at various venues, make a demo in a recording studio, develop further their "myspace" (which is huge in the recording industry, actually, but more on that later)...all for a mere percentage of whatever monies they would make for such appearances. he has "ins" in a lot of places, not the least of which is the House of Blues in atlantic city....there is no telling where this could lead.

let us pause for a moment to consider all of this.

what, are you KIDDING me? this band started out last fall by a whim of a music teacher at the high school who assigned his students to form a band and at the end of the year, compete at the school in the battle of the bands. and now they have been *noticed* to such an extent as to have this young guy take these kids under his wing because he was impressed with their performance at the high school show, loved their professionalism at the radio station, and thinks they have the potential to go places (at which he jokingly? said "i am a certified high school teacher and could tutor them when they go on the road"...)


we all agreed that this would be a good thing to do. as soon as the demo has been cut, i will let you know and do something to hook up a song to my sidebar for your listening pleasure, as well as market tee shirts and logos...we are in need of a logo, by the way - so if there are any graphic artists out there desirous of helping create one for an up-and-coming musical talent for cough-freeofchargeorclosetoit-cough, that would be spiffy.

(can you even believe it?)

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