i got my moleskine!!

The sketchbook of Vincent van Gogh (1888 -- 1890)
Kept in the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam


i finally ordered and received my Moleskine, which is square-ruled and fits perfectly in my bag...i am beyond excited because this particular notebook has been used by legendary artists and writers such as ernest hemingway, vincent van gogh, picasso, and owen. i have already written my first official story, which can be found over at my writings blog --

i posted it there because (a) i need a place for more creative writing and/or poetry as i see fit, and (b) it is a little on the long side...

journal of a neurotic blog hostess (2006 -- )
Kept in the ~ m2~ Museum of handbags of southern jersey


however, i would love it if you would read it because it is a true story and is very near to my heart. it took place over the last 24 hours.


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