name the kitty contest

while everyone is helping me through my crisis i, along with my two children still at home, decided today would be a good day to start looking for a kitty. i had in my heart an orange tiger-type kitty, but knew i would be directed to the right one if we were to find it today.

we found him. and guess what?

yep. orange tiger.

cute as can be. need a name. suggestions welcome. if you come up with something we choose other than what we have chosen thus far (but yours truly is not sold on), you get a gift if you are brave enough to give me your snail mail address...

so far, we have narrowed it down to Barley - remember, i am into earthy-type names that go with Herbie, Rosie and Lily. Barley would *fit* but i think i am going to put it out there for suggestions. he is being spayed tomorrow and we bring him home on tuesday. i so cannot wait.

i present the new love of my life:

suggest away....

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