i am coming out of the closet

i have been struggling since april? was it march? has it been the past year?? with my religion.

i chose to be Catholic 10 years ago. there are so many aspects of the faith i am totally in love with, like the Eucharist. like the ancient Traditions (note capital T). i am struggling, feel as though i am swimming against the tide, with certain doctrines. they are not small ones, either. i am in crisis.

dh and i spoke at length about it yesterday since we worked together, and the conversations continued late into the evening. i don't know where to go with this or who to talk to -- my priest? my confessor? a firm *no*.

someone higher up in the Church? don't think so.

i feel as though i am losing my religion.

that is all i have to say about that. i am at a total loss for words, if you can believe that.

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