my friend, owen

owen - did your mother draw this portrait of you?
help me give credit where it is due....thx :)


i've mentioned in the past my friend, of his finest features is not his dashing good looks or amazing grip he has on the Catholic faith as a recent convert, but his amazing artistic ability.

and poetry, but i digress.

he has begun a venture unlike any other, stepped off in an act of faith into cyberworld's greatest online auction site and has begun, yes, auctioning some of his artwork. from what it appears, it will be one piece per week; however, i suspect he may increase it to at least two or more based upon demand and his fortitude in getting things online at an alarming rate now that he's got that *upload* thing down.

so without further ado, i direct you to owen's first online auction and for those who may miss this post as it is the weekend and blogger traffic may be light (i think because i no longer check my stats or my site meter), i have already placed an icon on my sidebar for your ease of reference. once he has more autions listed, i will replace the html coding therein with a list of his auctions...

or -- you can be a brave soul and commission him to do a little somethin' somethin' for you personally, just like i did. out of all the original artwork i possess, the piece owen created for me is, by far, my favorite.

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