two viruses, one result

epstein-barr virus (left)
cytomegalovirus (right)

two viruses, nasty wicked things in and of themselves, and they both cause mononucleosis.

and i have them both.

what are the odds? should i google that? or do i already have enough information?

i am happy that i have a diagnosis and will deal with the consequences tomorrow regarding what this means for my life. my doctor said he'd relieve me of duties at work for the next six (6) weeks, but i don't necessarily want that. he said i could do light desk duty, but i will have to see what can be arranged. i should not have any patient or baby contact, that's for sure.

~sigh~ that truly hurts, knowing that. how did i get this?

i am just grateful to God i have a diagnosis and this was not something i was being an alarmist over. my doctor told me "penni, you are very, very sick - no wonder you feel as badly as you do. your numbers were off the scale (high side of normal). you are going to feel lousy for the next six weeks or so..."

Merry Christmas.

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