"The Blanket"

I am admittedly a slow knitter. Very slow.

When my nephew Alex was a baby, I was determined to make him a quilt, which turned into a desire to knit so I started his blanket. I thought "oh, by his first birthday, what a cool gift!"

Alex will be four (4) years old next week. Since Alex's birthday came and went, I gave up. Two years later, we received news of another pregnancy for my sister-in-law! Hooray!! The Blanket was revived and I began anew and refreshed, ready to finish. I thought "oh I will finish it in time for Andrew's *birth* day!" His being born has come and gone, as has his first birthday, as well, and now this past December came my precious nephew Henry. I thought "oh, what a wonderful gift for Henry's *birth*!"

Close, right? Wrong. He is now three (3) months old. Good intentions. Best intentions, but I finally finished it and will be putting it in the mail to DC today.

It's a Family Blanket now. It is my hope against hope they will use it and if not, perhaps store it away for my next nephew...

I am pleased. I'd be more pleased if you didn't "click to enlarge," because as tradition would have it, I have ::cough::accidentally::cough knit a couple of mistakes in it because after all, only God is perfect :)

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