In a nutshell...

How do I summarize the last two full weeks without boring you all tears? I know, I'll make it into a bullet-point discussion and you can ask questions if you so desire afterwards in the comments section. I promise I will respond.
  1. Closing the cafe was a bit rough.
  2. I cried on the Wednesday before we closed, which is a good thing because it left my system before Sunday when some of my customers were crying.
  3. If you missed out on your hug on the way out the door, I have some to spare :)
  4. Biopsies of your thyroid gland are very painful.
  5. I almost passed out.
  6. Thyroid scan returned a "cool to cold" nodule, meaning = not so hot (ha, ha) or not good.
  7. Biopsy was recommended by radiologist, but had already been done.
  8. I have no patience awaiting results, which came 5 days after they were supposed to...
  9. ...with the diagnosis of "no diagnosis" because they didn't get enough cells from doing the biopsy.
  10. It was suggested that I should "repeat the biopsy."
  11. I had other suggestions.
  12. Penni was upset.
  13. Very upset.
  14. Penni cannot tell you what she really said as she would lose friends over her potty mouth.
  15. Actually two seconds ago hung up with doctor's office who said "no you are NOT going to repeat that biopsy; keep your appointment Tuesday."
  16. Thank God for Millie :)
  17. Jimbo started new job today.
  18. He is a happy guy.
  19. I heard they are doing a ton of work to the cafe, the things we requested be done but weren't and I am having a hard time with being a little put-out.
  20. But it passes.
  21. Rather quickly :)
  22. I had a small article published in the Porpoise Diving Life
  23. My good friend Jeff was in charge.
  24. He is a swell guy.
  25. As is RWK, who also had a story there too.
  26. I have also discovered I just want to be the best Christ-follower I can be...
  27. ...but enjoy being Catholic because I recognize Jesus in the Eucharist.
  28. I guess they are stuck with me :)
  29. Took Mom to doctor's; she looked great, feels great, but doesn't "test" well.
  30. She needs to be on oxygen "all the time" and doc wants her out on permanent disability.
  31. Mom was sad.
  32. I am just happy Mom is with us.
  33. Mom is happy doctor said she could drink wine with dinner.
  34. Penni is happy about that too :)
  35. I have read blogs and commented on some.
  36. I've missed blogging but not writing too much.
  37. We have a new priest at our parish that seems to want to make changes.
  38. I am skeptical but open.
  39. Centering prayer can probably change my life...
  40. ...if I practice it with more regularity.
  41. I actually love it.
  42. I have missed my friends.
  43. I am grateful for the comments left by new folks...
  44. and am grateful for the emails I have received in private.
  45. You all inspire me to be a better person.
There you have it -- I am back and will keep you posted about the condition my condition is in. Please tell me what I missed in my absence :)

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