One of the cooler things about the Catholic Blog Awards was discovering new blogs that I am now actually following -- not commenting yet, but following. This is an excerpt from Fr. Dwight Longenecker who would be a priest I would travel to go see. I wish he were closer to my home town...
...This is the theme of my own book, More Christianity. In many different ways I have argued that Catholicism is not essentially something different, but something more. On the other hand, Catholics who leave for Protestantism are most often rejecting Catholicism, and if they don't at first, they are soon taught to by their new found faith.

In saying that, many Catholics leave the faith for Evangelicalism because (for many reasons) they did not receive a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. There are many shallow and ignorant reasons for Catholics to leave, but we have to admit that there are also some good reasons, and we only have ourselves to blame.
Amen and amen.

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