be not afraid

I went to my second opinion visit this afternoon with the surgeon I have known for years (professionally). I liked him, very much.

What was decided after he spent some good time with me is that we will do another biopsy - only he will perform it himself. After a lengthy conversation with him, I will comply; apparently, he doesn't perform these all the time but understands my anxiety and as a measure to reassure me, said he would do it himself. As a skilled surgeon, i trust him and the fact that he said the words, "I promise not to hurt you," I am agreeing to have it done. I am scheduled for April 13 at noon.

While I was listening to him talk to me, the words "be not afraid" came echoing through my mind; even more fitting that these words came to me on April 2nd, the second anniversary of John Paul II the Great's death...(have I ever mentioned that I believe he is the one keeping me tethered to the Church? Another post for another time...)

God has matters well in hand. I have decided to trust Him, completely, o' willful one that I am.

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