Photo: Beach, Evanston, Illinois.
Photograph © 2007, James Jordan.

The kind of days I have been experiencing lately I cannot even put into words, if you can imagine that. We have been struggling financially, so I applied to refinance our home through the bank I have been using since I was a mere teenager (think home town banking, Bailey Building & Loan). At first, because our credit is less than stellar, they denied the amount requested; after obtaining the loan officer's ear for more than a moment, she asked if I could put our plight into a letter (boy, could I!) and have it hand-delivered in time for the loan committee meeting set for the 1:00 p.m. the following day: you betcha!

Loan Committee said "Yes, we will help this nice family out, but only to get them on their feet, yadda yadda." Not the entire amount, but an amount sufficient to enable us to retain our home and our cars, again, thank you Jesus. Nice Banker Lady needed a full accounting of said bills needed to be off-set, delivered, once again, to the bank the following day.

Only catch was, she, Nice Banker Lady, would be off on vacation and would have Loan Committee Lady present to accept my letter of poverty explanation. Done deal, Lord, it is in Your capable hands.

Letter written but other drama happening at home, I thought I would call Loan Committee Lady and explain who I was, ask her hours and see if she would be available. Loan Committee Lady was particularly exuberant on the phone: good call, I thought. Then she explained:

"You are the same (insert my full name here) that I have a picture of -- in my BABY BOOK -- you stayed with me until I delivered our baby last July!! Remember?"

"of COURSE!!" (I had no idea who she was but man, was I thrilled she knew who I was!!)

"I came in at 8 a.m. and you stayed past your shift because I started pushing at 7 p.m. ...I ended up having a C-section at midnight and you were with me the whole time..."

It was as if the dawn were breaking over the sand dune and the sun was rising on the beach, it was a glorious feeling...I believe there were a multitude of the Heavenly Host praising God and saying, "Glory to God in the Highest and on earth, peace, goodwill toward men!!"


"Penni," said Loan Committee Lady, "anything you need..."

By the time I left her office that day, floating on a cloud I might say, we were approved for the full amount requested and we settle in less than 3 weeks now.

I am telling you, not that I ever thought in a million years that something I did in July of last year would have an impact on our lives right now, but man, am I glad I serve such an awesome God :)

I am heading to the beach to examine the sunrise... (actually I am going to work, but needed to tie up the story so I could use James's picture :)

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