The Tudors

...on Showtime -- anyone besides me watching and actually being happy that the new episode is on tomorrow and I can watch it "On Demand" prior to the 10:00 p.m. airing?

I know, I know: historically inaccurate. Do I care? Uh, no. Is Jeremy Northam in it a most perfect Sir Thomas More? Uh, yes. He is quite yummy and proof positive that God does some really, really fine work.

He's my new television beau, so back off y'all :)

Pre-emptive strike: Oh, yeah, and I am sure he is a really swell, intelligent guy, for the record. And kind. And sweet and probably volunteers his time to read to kindgergarten children and work at a food bank stocking shelves. He's all that, I know it.

and Yes, I realize it's what's inside that counts, but GOSH don't you look at a flower for its beauty first and then its wonderful photosynthetic attributes?

well, dontcha??

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