Balancing Act

Woman Holding a Balance
Jan Vermeer

I received a gracious and welcomed gift from my friend Janet of the books everyone mentioned in my last post, Total Money Makeover. I am fast-forwarding through the testimonials about how great it is and how the program was life-altering to get to the meat of the book (which begins mid-way through) and am culling through what I will use and discarding what I will not (i.e., we are refinancing our home and paying off all of our credit cards...the paying the smallest amount to the largest won't be meaningful to me in two weeks when all the bad boys will be wiped out. See? Works for me...)

I cannot help thinking this man is also in it to sell books. Lots of 'em. He has mentioned on more than one occasion his previous book (something regarding Financial Peace) as recommended reading. I probably wouldn't have bought this book because a lot of it reads like an infomercial; however, through the benevolence of Janet, I am able to breeze through guilt-free and will be happy, once finished, to pay it forward (meaning, if anyone wishes to peruse without having to buy it, you'll let me know and I will be happy to send it to you, same as it was sent to me.) This isn't meant to offend anyone who solemnly took the time to recommend this book, on the contrary; I believe there will be useful and relevant information and look forward to Baby Steps #2 thru #5...

I am also going to download the program with the "virtual envelopes." I know a lot of folks who have the "real life" ones and I think a program like this would work better for me. Now I need to discipline myself to not go into the envelope until it's "time." Detachment and discipline all at the same time....Good God, what is He trying to do to me?

I talked with the bank today and they said if we get the house appraisal done by next week, we may be able to close in two weeks or so. Glee!

In the strange meantime, I have had very interesting things happen at work which I will blog about at a later date and an on-going battle with my argumentative and verrrry materialistic daughter...I had no idea what I was creating in my permissiveness through buying these past few years and it will be difficult to *undo*, but I am determined and I have steely resolve, even in the face of blistering arguments with someone even more stubborn than I. (Please confirm below that five (5) bathing suits is an excessive amount for any teen-aged girl to have, even if they lived ON the beach, and that I wasn't "being ridiculous" when I continuously repeated the word *no*...thanks...)

I would be most reinforced by continued prayer as I try to maintain balance (you didn't think you were done with me, did you??)

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