a post of comments

In my "Banding" post, below, there were many fruitful and insightful comments, none that were disparaging but all, encouraging me in various ways. I am thankful.

I just wanted to post some nuggets of wisdom because they are too wonderful to keep in that post and in haloscan, alone.

"...when I was at the cancer clinic for radiation ,they said white sugar feeds cancer, Well that was enough to put me off sugar." -- Joanee

"If you aren't capable of making the life choices to change your weight now, you won't neccesarily be able to after the band either. Eventually we all find a way to feed the "hunger" 'cuz it really isn't in our belly to begin with."


Remember.. the band has to stay in for the rest of your life to be effective.. and that's a long time to hope nothing goes wrong. -- Mia

I think you are right -- with the way my life goes, nothing is and without complications. Perhaps my consideration to have this surgery is coming to a close - onto another weight loss method (one that works) -- suggestions?

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