what does NOT bother me meme

i was tagged by my new friend Christine for a "list things that do NOT bother you" meme. people, i would like to say this is going to be a difficult thing to do, but i don't think it will...
  1. cloudy days
  2. rainy days. even if a bunch in a row.
  3. subtitles
  4. working hard, even if those around me are not
  5. not having to wait
  6. i lied, this is difficult
  7. not having my own iPod
  8. kids in church
  9. adults in church
  10. what people wear to church
  11. this is really, really hard because i am easily annoyed at certain things
  12. the paparazzi :)
  13. having a lot of kids at our house
  14. flowers
  15. birds chirping
  16. a clean house
  17. good food
  18. nice folks
  19. sunny days
  20. great wine
  21. crying babies
  22. fainting daddies
  23. long car rides
  24. amazing books
  25. museums
  26. art
  27. great music
  28. a good homily
  29. gothic churches
  30. the sacred and the Holy
okay, phew, glad i got through that!! it actually became easier as i went along ;)

now, it's a question of who to tag...beth, jayne, and dirty Catholic (whose responses i cannot wait for...)

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