Are People *Good* or *Bad*?

Adam & Eve
Gustav Klimt

We had a very interesting discussion this morning with one of the physicians here (yeppers, I am blogging remotely) as to whether or not people are inherently "good" or "bad." The general concensus was "bad," because of the "Adam and Eve" thing, and also that "no man is righteous..." My thoughts were that people are inherently good, but as a result of their upbringing and choices they make (because of said Fall), they can/choose to turn bad. I also added that I felt we all were born with our "God Spot" and throughout our lives, while some genuinely seek God's face, others may choose to fill their Spot with things that are less than holy, thereby creating for themselves false idols.

What do you think -- do you think we are good or bad and how, why did we get this way?

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