first day of school...a tale in 20 mins. of pics

...for my freshman girl and my senior boy (oldest one began nursing school this photo op since he is living with his wife ;)

totally mortified, only 20 mins left...

she looks at pic of hands covering face and shreiks: "omg, my hair is not straight in the back -- Mooo-om, you gotta DO SOMETHING. " panic sets in as i turn the straightener back on. (crisis averted, narrowly...)

"don't make me pose, i am 14 years old!!! ugh!!" ( i am thinking it was a good idea a few minutes prior to show the extreme wave in her hair, no??)

"do we have to leave now?" she passed whiny 10 minutes prior...i actually could feel her pain, i relived it with her for a few moments just before i hugged her good-bye...

(max is totally unaffected by all of this, save for the fact he can drive to school this year....)

happy first day of school, everyone!!

P.S. just editing to add a little cat blogging...Petey amongst the chaos of school supplies...molly survived her day, by the way but as of the typing of this addendum, has already showered and has her jammies on; she's beat :)

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