for the record...

...i called the legal department this afternoon and spoke to the secretary, leaving a message with my full name for the associate general counsel to return my call. it's been several weeks since my initial interview now. i cannot bear the suspense.

"is it urgent?" the secretary asked, politely.

"no, it isn't, actually, but i would like to hear back from her either today or monday."

because of the raging headache i had after the funeral today, i thereafter took a nap. unfortunately, that was when associate general counsel returned my call:

"i'm sorry, but my secretary said i would know why you were calling....i apologize, but i have no idea who you are. please return my call monday."

very nice. i won't even go into how much my heart dropped at knowing that and just how thankful i was that i had started drinking two hours prior to hearing the message.

God, i sure hope you have a plan and have all things under control because if i were to rely upon myself right now, i'd be in the toilet.

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