random thoughts

  • it would seem that i have hit the proverbial wall. i have been fighting a cold ("oh, they're just allergies" i kept insisting...) for the last three weeks and this morning, awoke to that lovely razor-blade feeling of strep throat.
  • i took molly to urgent care because she had that same uneasy feeling and we both have the same thing, only she is coughing and i have an ear infection. seems God would like me to slow down (to a grinding halt).
  • so while i have had a very interesting and busy week, this being my one time to blog, i've slept all day. also, my computer had hit the skids in a manner of speaking all week and i have been absent because of technology, anyhow.
  • funny how when God wants you to slow down and you don't listen, He will sometimes go to extremes to get your attention.

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