bless me father for i have sinned...

David Brewster


it's been almost four months since my last confession. that wasn't really a confession. (there was nobody behind me in line, for which i was grateful because i tend to take more than your basic five minutes in the booth.)

i went and spoke to someone who knows my junk. told him what i wanted to tell the Other Priest and he was very kind about why Other Priest may have reacted the way he did, but then went on to discuss my recognition of what the root of my problems are and how i came to know this.

and i told him everything that i have been holding inside...the junkiest of all junk...and he did not even flinch. in fact, he sat with me and we discussed good things at length and actually laughed. i left the room after having received absolution and a remedy and saw that what was an empty line when i entered the room, was now 5-deep with a lot of questioning eyes.

oh, well.

i decided to bask in the grace instead of fret over being in there as long as i was. apparently, Msgr. felt it was necessary (as did God) and it is all good.

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