meeting attendance and other moments of being brave

i went to my 7:30 am meeting today - the one i get to see the spectacular sunrise as i cross over the bridge and thank God for bringing me there, at least one more time. it was awesome -- i wish i could make this meeting all the time, not simply because of the holidays.

speaking of which...tonight is the dreaded New Year's Eve, even though i don't dread it because we never really do anything. i am thinking about going to the meeting where they are also hosting a dance -- i love this group of folks, too. at the meeting yesterday morning, jam-packed, i noticed a young mom with her two little ones, who were busy coloring or playing a game-boy. i thought how brave and strong she was, not to use her children as an excuse for not going to a meeting if she felt the need to go...and as "luck" would have it, i was next to her at the Lord's Prayer and was able to share that thought with her. she simply smiled back and i told her girls how wonderful they were the whole time.

tonight is the NYE dance that is being hosted by this particular group, along with a "young people's group" from a neighboring city. from what i hear, it is supposed to be a very good time, every year it gets bigger and better (the dance) and they have simultaneous meetings in a different room pretty much around the clock to help those struggling and suffering to make it through without picking up. i think it is a very cool thing, but i have had several folks ask if i was going to the dance and try to encourage me to do so when i shook my head *noooo*. honestly, it is out of my comfort zone for so many reasons -- as one girl said today, "i don't even know if i can dance while sober!!" and i just laughed!! how true!

here's the jig tho: jimbo has to work until 8 and wants to meet me there afterward - families can come, the whole lot!

oh boy. there goes my excuse....i have no idea. but i think, even if it is to stay for a diet soda and some conversation with my sponsor, i may hang for a bit after the meeting. thing is, i just don't know if i am brave enough. my liquid courage has been drained out of me and i am learning how to be an all-new person without it. this is well beyond a brave move, but we'll see what happens. i figured if i am to stay, God will let me know that on no uncertain terms.

(remember: this is the introvert that hates going to parties by herself....attending these meetings has been a major step, no pun intended. staying for a dance? omg, i have a stomach ache even thinking about it......)

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