tiramisu and other questions

so i went to my in-laws today for my nephew's birthday party and there was alcohol and plenty of it. i didn't drink any and had no desire to.

i did, however, eat a very small portion of tiramisu -- i asked my mother-in-law what she put in it and she said it was left-over from a dinner party she had last night and all told, she put 1/3 cup of cognac in it.

it tasted strong to me, so i didn't eat any more, but here is my problem: today was one week since i picked up a drink. an entire week. and yes, we have it in the house, but my husband is a beer drinker and thinks i am being ridiculous in my abstinence and there would be no way he would forego having it here, but the thing is, i am not the least bit interested in drinking it. it is as if God took the desire away, but i don't want to rely on that; i know i have to get to a meeting to see what is up with me and why.

does it count, what i ate today? do i have to begin again at the beginning tallying up my days of sobriety? it was an innocent, inadvertent mistake and one i am hopeful i will not repeat in the future now that i know that tiramisu has liquor in it and you would think, being married to a chef would be one of those things i would know, but i have never had it before and do not intend to have it again.

is this a sin of omission?

i have met the devil and it sat in a pudding dish.

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Anonymous said...

I think you are in the clear on this one. The key is that you had a small portion and when you realized, you stopped eating any more. Its not like you ate 5 of them and then asked :)

Well done, keep up the good work.