chip girl

at last night's meeting, i was "chip girl" -- which means that i was the one given the esteemed honor of handing out sobriety chips.
"if you have the time called, please come up and get a chip......and a huuuug." admittedly, when i said "huuuug," i had a big ole shit-eating grin on my face. i believe there were some in attendance that were wishing they had more time in :)
all seriousness aside, something powerful took place when i participated in this way. i gave a sobriety chip to someone with 24 hours/desire to remain sober, 1 month, and 14 years. i put the chip in each one's hand and said "congratulations!" in their ear and hugged them tight. it was really cool because there was applause in the background from the other members, and a warmth exchanged between me and the recipient that will remain with me throughout my day today.

milestones are huge. any amount of time is worthy of a celebration and i have to admit, i am falling in love with this program.

as an aside, my sponsor returned my journal that had my history in it. she also gave me a new journal that says on the front cover, "life is a journey, not a destination," with a gorgeous ribbon, as well as a candle holder and candle that is the scent "comfort." i am almost ashamed of how i reacted on saturday night to her response to my story -- she told me last night that it brought tears to her eyes and that i should "be a writer." [i grinned a lot last night...]

this lesson in humility is worth noting because even when i *feel* my chips are down, God is working everything together for good, because He is good. [thank you, God, that i cannot see the picture in its entirety.]
i almost cannot wait to see what else He has in store for me.

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