has anybody here...

...seen my old friend Herbie?

seems he has escaped, yet again, and for what we believe to be for the last time. usually when he digs out, it is to go foraging for snacks.

seen here with the evidence.

never enough to share, however, but he had been known to bring home stale sub rolls, donuts, and pizza.

he was missing two Sundays ago. we did our exhaustive search of the neighborhood, spoke to the usual suspects who would be kind enough to deliver him to us for their pay (i tipped $5 for each return, they made a freaking fortune...). i have an *insider* at the animal shelter where dogs are taken that are picked up, and no sightings. i have called the local animal hospitals and they have all of my pertinent information should he show up. i am at a loss as to what else to do.

i have heard of cats returning after being gone for weeks, but dogs? nope. anyone know any different?

(a reward greater than $5 will be offered for any information leading to the identification and capture of said houdini dawg. also, all suggestions greatly appreciated.)

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