with my daughter in the hospital, it gave us some quality mother/daughter time to watch Mtv. i thought this was a video channel? but i am digressing already.

i had the pleasure [ahem] of watching My Super Sweet 16. is anyone groaning yet? have you seen this show? if you are a parent of a teen or tween or just randomly flip through and happen to land, give it a good five minutes' worth of your time to see exactly who are going to be running our country when we are a bit older and relying upon our now-teenagers to become responsible adults.

who is at fault here, though - the child or the adults raising them?



doesn't even come close. it is such a show of ostentatious garbage that it is beyond anything i have ever witnessed, and thinking about Erin being in Africa right now really contrasts what i saw on television yesterday.

is this show for real?

what is the limit? a $100,000 mercedes benz on top of an over-the-top party for a girl who says she "deserves" it? based on what???

i will step off my soapbox to allow comments as to where you think responsibility for this lies. i think the parents need to learn boundaries, but then again, i am in a low-to-middle income household and could never afford something like this for my daughter when she turns 16 (and thank the Good Lord Above that she also feels the show is ridiculous and only watches for comedic relief. hope she still thinks that when her 16th birthday comes and it's miniature golf for everybody!!) and even if we had a good deal of money, would never even dream of spoiling to this extent.

what say you?

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