How it Works

At my meeting last night, I was asked to read the “How it Works” which is rather lengthy. I have no problem with it, but it was my first time to say “I am an alcoholic and my name is Penni.” Strange thing, that.

I sat through the meeting as I am wont to do to, knitting (see lovely picture, below, for example), looking up on occasion when someone is sharing something particularly wistful. [They are all wistful.] One of the men who has an incredible story made mention of the fact he oftentimes wondered “if he belonged…” I sat there, awed at my God who always lets me know unconditionally if I am in the right place at the right time.

I noticed a young lady I hadn’t seen at the meeting at this particular venue before and she stuck out to me because she was adorable. After the meeting, she came up and said “Can I ask you a question? I’m new…”

I said “I am too! Tomorrow is my one month-iversary :)” and we both smiled. It was her first time at this particular meeting and she didn’t speak up and wanted information about other meetings. I said, “oh my gosh, you need *stuff*!!” and got her a booklet with meeting information, as well as a page for phone numbers for her to reach out if she needs to. I also told her I was going to a meeting Thursday and offered her a ride because she said she walked to last night’s meeting, so it appears I will be picking her up to take her with me tonight [God willing].

After giving her her booklet, I said “you need a 24 hour/desire to stay sober chip!” but found out this group does not implement the chip system when it comes to milestones in sobriety. She said “oh, that’s okay,” but I know what sacramental things mean to me, so I reached into my knitting bag, pulled out mine (the one I had lost, but then had found) and put it in her hand. I closed her fingers around it and said “this is really significant to hold onto – it has the Serenity Prayer on the back, and indicates on the front your desire to stay sober. Hang onto it!!”

She hugged me and said she’d call me about the ride for tonight’s meeting after work today. I am thinking this is all tying into how the program works.

[that, and I guess I am supposed to be there, after all.]

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